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What is my Employers Role?

The NHS has joined with Standard Life to provide you with the opportunity to top-up your pension, however you can find more information about your NHS main pension plan in the following ways:

Note: The links provided are for general information purposes only. Standard Life accepts no responsibility for information contained in the site or for the site not being available at all times.

What are the charges?

For 'top-up' pensions with Standard Life, the NHS has negotiated enhanced terms with Standard Life to refund some of the standard fund management charge. This is achieved by creating additional units in your fund each month.

For details of these charges please see the ‘Your Product Guide’ document within the NHS Application Pack. You can also download a copy of the NHS Application Pack from the 'How Do I Join?' page of this website.

Link to Fund Selection Tool
Fund Selection Tool
A tool to help you decide how your payments are invested.


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